In-Cabin Tea Facilities Suit British Tastes Aboard MSC Magnifica

To us Brits, nothing compares to a cup of tea and that remains the case even on holiday. Some passengers go to the trouble to pack their own teabags in their luggage before heading off on a cruise, but in this day and age, that is no longer necessary. 

Five European Destinations For The Ultimate Foodie

Getting out of the country provides a great opportunity to also escape your comfort zone in regards to what you eat, and there are countless spots in Europe where foodies will have the chance to experience some of the tastiest and finest cuisine on the planet. 

Five Things Gym Bunnies Need To Know About Cruises

Embarking on a voyage with MSC Cruises offers the opportunity for some serious relaxation so understandably, any regular gym goers may have reservations that their active lifestyle could grind to a halt.